BCG Maintenance Series #3 (3 Rounds) Detailed Report

Instillation Notes and Side Effects of each treatment

First BCG treatment of this series:

Things were easy this time for the instillation process.  These had become routine and only briefly unpleasant.  Dr. Hopkins apologized for being 30 minutes late, and appeared to be in a great mood. No untoward discomfort, and it was all over quickly

Second BCG treatment of this series:

Even though the office was busier, Dr. Hopkins was not. We were shown in almost immediately at 9:10, did the pee in a cup check, and I stressed to the nurse (as usual) that I was 1/3 dose. She brought the BCG setup tray in by 9:20 and Dr. Hopkins came in right behind her. By 9:29 I was gingerly walking down the stairs to the car. These instillations go much better when I am relaxed and the doc is not in a hurry. Truly a non event, unless I think about it!

Third and last BCG treatment of this series:

Earliest yet – done by 9:15. No drama on the instill. Doctor said we would do another cystoscopy in Dec, but no BCG if all clear. Repeat in March with BCG if clear. He was surprised that week 2 was easier than week 1 and concluded I was just weird. I wish he had not said anything, because week 3 was pretty tough.

NOTE:  The doc said I could take up to 4 ibuprofen pills (200mg each) preemptively a soon as I got home.  I have chosen not to do this.  If something feels bad, I prefer to know how bad first.  When the cramping comes, I delay as long as I can to see if it gets worse, and to provide data for you folks…

Below is the blow by blow description, or perhaps we should call it the pee by pee narration?